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Winter without minnows

Winter is the time of year crappie go deep and get lethargic as most believe. I will say with the invention of live-scope it has opened a new door for me in the fishing industry. It has gave me confidence to try new things.

This time of year I normally fish deep ledges spider rigging with minnows. This year has been a eye opener. The past six trips I have only used Wager Baits. I have also been fishing mats on shallow flats in 8 to 14ft. There are fifteen to twenty fish in most beds while you still normally only catch one or two.

I will say Wager Baits have really helped me with this transition from live baits to jigs. This technique has been so productive as when I was spider rigging it made moving to a new spot a nightmare. My new set up allows me to be more mobile. It keeps me chasing the active fish. I am using a Todd Huckabee slab slinger with a bait caster spooled with 15lb line. I peg my quarter ounce weight with rubber weight pegs. I then tie on a eighth ounce Wager Bait.

I will say this experience with technology and these jigs have made my fishing trips a absolute blast!!!!

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