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Secrets to a Legendary Lake?

Being a lifelong resident of West Tennessee, I have had the pleasure of fishing one of the best crappie lakes in the country. Reelfoot Lake has been deemed one of the top 10 crappie destinations in the country. Reelfoot lake is home to multiple national champions, and is also where Spider rigging originated. Due to the abundant structure provided for the fish throughout the entire lake, Reelfoot is one of the more difficult lakes to establish a pattern on crappie.

According to legend, the Reelfoot River, which gave its name to the lake, is said to be named for an Indian chief who had a deformed foot and was nicknamed "Reelfoot". In 1812 an earthquake flooded a swampy cypress forest making cypress trees your number one targeted structure. When I start trying to locate Crappie, I start with locations that provide bait Fish and habitat. Electronic side scan and visual acquisition can be utilized for finding bait fish and habitat. Right now, being in late Fall, Crappie is feeding heavily on bait fish preparing for winter and the approaching spawn. That is why key bait selection matters, and I like to use Wager Baits handtied crappie jigs.

I have used Wager Baits for almost two years now. I have not had one jig unravel, hook

break, or stop producing fish no matter how many have been previously caught on it. My personal favorite is #4 Junebug Chartreuse. These fish are actively feeding, and the extra movement provided by the marabou feathers are the perfect jig for the season. If you ever find yourself visiting West Tennessee, give Reelfoot Lake a try. Remember to locate structure and bait fish appropriate for the season you’re in. Make sure to use the number one handtied feather jig on the market, Wager Baits

“so good you can bet on em”.

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