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A sharp dressed treble!

Crankbaits are great lures to use when your searching for big bass!

Ever thought to add some style to your hard bodies?


Sometimes when your needing that little extra something to fire them up, a dressed treble will make all the difference in the world!


Matching the hatch is very key to help fool what ever fish you are targeting. Also different materials used on the dressed trebles will cause your hard body lure to act differently in the water. Feathers are the most common, but depending on what your trying to achieve depends on material selection.


Sky is the limit on color variations and size. You want to keep in mind the size hard body your throwing to what size treble you want to use. If your using a dressed treble on a popper and want it to sit lower in the water, then you will need to use a slightly bigger treble. Also you can counter act the size treble with a different material like squirrel hair. Squirrel hair is very buoyant so it will make a bigger treble rise in the water.

All of our products are customizable to the customer even the hook selection!

You can find our dressed trebles here.

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