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Slow rolling for bass in the winter!

Here is what Louisiana Bassmaster Pro Elite Tyler Carriere had to say about our "Calcutta Jig" in this months Bassmaster Magazine!


“When I slow it down, the hair flares out,” he describes. “I think that helps when the water is cold, and it’s different than a lot of the regular bladed jigs the fish see that time of year.”

Check out the full article below!


This time of year mid winter moving in to spring our Hot Craw Calcutta jig has been a popular color. This being that this time a year Crawfish start being more active February through May based on geographic location. When the water temperature reaches approximately 50 degrees, crawfish emerge from rock crevices into the great wide open and begin looking for receptive females.

Many of the emerging crawfish males and females are still sexually active from the previous fall. What's significant about this two to three week period in spring (depending on rising water temperature), is that it's one of the few times males walk on top of rocks, exposing themselves to bass.

Trapping studies have revealed that below 45 degrees, crawfish have little to no activity while buried in mud burrows or rock crevices. But when the water rises to 50 degrees, it's a whole new ballgame.

-find a more in depth crawfish article here

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